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Riccardo Del Fra – Moving People (Releasedate: 19.10.2018)

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“Moving People” – The movement of people, the humankind – in its vulnerability as well as in its phenomenal life force – the “Other” that moves us ; all that is the heart of the project “Moving People”.

Riccardo Del Fra has been Chet Baker’s bassist for nearly 9 years, but has also played with Johnny Griffin, Bob Brookmeyer, Dizzy Gillespie, Art Blakey, Barney Wilen, Dave Liebman, Kenny Wheeler, Lee Konitz …

After the success of “My Chet My Song”, Riccardo is back with an album of striking and penetrating compositions. for which he surrounded himself with refined improvisers without boundaries. Several generations and different countries are represented : the Americans Kurt Rosenwinkel, exceptional guitarist by the wonderfully inspired playing, and Jason Brown, drummer with powerful groove and contagious energy; the fiery German saxophonist Jan Prax; the expressive and libertarian Polish trumpeter Tomasz Dabrowski; the French Rémi Fox, subtle and poetic saxophonist, and Carl-Henri Morisset, a pianist of rare mastery and inventiveness.

“Moving People” is a lyrical album, deep, powerful and delicate at the same time that, through a demanding musical writing, but leaving large space to the improvisation, tells the journeys towards a better life, the hope and the force of life.

The music of Riccardo Del Fra caresses and moves. His double bass sings with lyricism, embraces with sensuality and brings the soloists to incandescence.



1. Moving People (Riccardo Del Fra) 7’48

Those who leave everything behind to survive, hoping for a new life. The captivating little melody of the beginning of the theme develops slowly on a 5 beats pattern. Becoming penetrant by its repetition and its gradual evolution, the melody is enriched in the interludes by colorful harmonies and energetic rhythmic figures.

2. Ressac (Riccardo Del Fra) 7’15

The movement of the waves of the sea rolling on a beach.                                                                                                    The French word “Ressac” when read backwards is “Casser” which means to break. This piece is not inspired by a summer holidays postcard. I speak of broken hearts thinking of the terrible image of a lifeless child on a beach. Three soloists for this mini-suite: the trumpet, free and heartbreaking; then, in a calmer moment, the double bass singing a tender chant. In the last part, new harmonies are the canvas for the piano improvisations before the main theme comes back, modified and shortened.

3. The Sea Behind (Riccardo Del Fra) 7’59

Title also explicit. The sea, behind, and ahead, doubt and hope. The guitar of Kurt Rosenwinkel and Rémi Fox’ soprano sax share the melody in a lyrical way. Their solos fuse into a luminous unity.

4. Children Walking (Through A Minefield) (R. Del Fra) 4’37

Children, mines, war. I conceived this piece as if it were the music for an imaginary cartoon film, where children play games in a field, talking and screaming. Suddenly, an explosion. Here we could guess the soldiers marching and their shouts, there the chase and the gunshots. The (short) quote from Beethoven (3rd movement of the 6th Symphony) is here to evoke an image of Europe with a big question mark.

5. Around The Fire (Riccardo Del Fra) 1’59

Burning wood, but also the fear. It’s deep night and the only lights glowing are the red of the fire and the white of the eyes.

6. Ephemeral Refractions (Riccardo Del Fra) 4’24

It’s about optical effects (which I tried to “translate” into music) but also a metaphor for the ephemeral and changing perception of an object, real or imagined; a metaphor for the feeling that can change through the prism of the “Other”.

7. Wind On An Open Book II (Riccardo Del Fra) 5’26

A gentle but steady wind turns the pages of an open book. The pages already read are back in front of our eyes but now  they appear different, as new, because meanwhile we had new information from the following ones.             The second part of the theme comes with a transformed melody, on a new tempo generated by a rhythmic equivalence, offering space for symbiotic exchanges between Kurt’s guitar and Jan’s soprano sax.

8. Street Scenes (Riccardo Del Fra) 3’09

Explicit title. A joyful and sparkling piece, loud and jubilant, full of imagery and constant interaction.

9. Moving People – Epilogue (Riccardo Del Fra) 2’52

10. Cieli Sereni (Riccardo Del Fra) 2’03

Serene skies. The double bass played as a guitar. Everything is in the title. Expectations and hope.

Recorded at La Buissonne studio by Gérard de Haro & Anaëlle Marsollier, mixed by Gérard de Haro and Riccardo Del Fra.

Mastered by Nicolas Baillard. – La Buissonne (Pernes-les-Fontaines – France) May, June & July 2018

31.10.2018 Paris, La Gare
15.11.2018 Karlsruhe, (Veranstalter ist der Jazzclub Karlsruhe, Venue tba)
16.11.2018 Hannover, Pavillon
17.11.2018 Berlin, Piano Salon
22.11.2018 Metz, Les Trinitaires
29.11 – 01.12. 2018 Paris, Sunside
16.12.2018 Gap, Théatre Le Quattro
01.02.2019 Neuburg an der Donau, Birdland
02.02.2019 Paris, Radio France
05.04.2019 Bourg sur Gironde
19.04.2019 Kopenhagen, Montmartre
25.04.2019 Heilbronn, Cave 61
27.04.2019 Schwerin, Festival Schwerin
11.05.2019 Lausanne, Chorus