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Everything we do is centred around producing great music!

Everything we do here at Q-rious revolves around the development of artists and the production, marketing and distribution of great music.

Each member of our team has had extensive experience in the music biz. We know how to develop and support our musicians, artists, clients and business partners and how to keep it all focussed on what we do best, producing great music. When you put yourself in Q-rious hands, you’re in the best of hands for all your promotion, distribution and artistic management needs.

If you make special music,
you need a special music service.

Q-rious MusicStefan Groß was CEO and creative head for the acclaimed and nominated German Jazz and World Music label intuition from 1995 – 2001. In 2002 he founded his own promotional agency and music label Q-rious Music.
In October 2006 Marcel Westphal joined Q-rious to head up the promotions department.

Stefan started Q-rious because of his firm conviction that a unique sense for extraordinary music combined with more than a decades worth of industry experience could spearhead his mission to promote and keep alive special music in todays volatile industry.

Q-rious knows that there will always people playing special music and special people that listen to special music. Q-rious Music was set up to be THE meeting point for these special people.

The Q-rious reputation continues to grow and today enjoys the respect and confidence of the industry and across a wide variety of clients from the worlds of music, TV, film and the web. Q-rious prides itself on being a most excellent service provider.

The Q-rious team



Stefan Groß
E-Mail: sg@qrious.de


Marcel Westphal
Head of Promotion
E-Mail: mw@qrious.de


Nicole Chmielarz
Assistance / Promotion Manager
E-Mail: nc@qrious.de



Lorna Wynands

E-Mail: team@qrious.de


Lea Balster
E-Mail: team@qrious.de