Manuel Hermia – freetet (Releasedate: 27.05.2022)

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Manuel Hermia – freetet (Releasedate: 27.05.2022)

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Manuel Hermia continues his libertarian adventure with Freetet, a modern quintet that brings together his two long-time companions (Manolo Cabras and Joao Lobo) and a high-flying brass section (Manuel Hermia, Samuel Blaser and Jean-Paul Estiévenart) to explore the question of freedom through the prism of free jazz.

We no longer need to present Manuel Hermia, who has become the essential blower of the European jazz scene with many international collaborations (Trio Hermia / Ceccaldi / Darrifourcq, Bahdja, Orchestra Nazionale della Luna, Slang, Majid Bekkas, Le Murmure de l’Orient, …).

Freetet is the extension of his trio with Manolo Cabras and Joao Lobo, including two albums released by Igloo – Long tales and short Stories (2010) and Austerity … and what about rage? (2015) – that were already addressing the big theme of freedom. At a time when we are experiencing an ecological, health and political crisis, the Brussels saxophonist questions the meaning of this concept through a music that wants to be free and libertarian. We can read his thoughts on this in the booklet that accompanies the disc.

The Freetet is part of this reflection. It tries to find a balance between individual and collective voices and to propose a model that is as collaborative as possible. It is a libertarian music, where order and chaos are constantly balanced, as in nature. The compositions are clear, but the arrangements, rather than being written, sketch out directions, balances and role plays, so that each protagonist of the group can constantly appropriate his voice as he sees fit.

And these are not just any protagonists: a brass section where Hermia on saxophones surrounds himself with Samuel Blaser on trombone and Jean-Paul Estiévenart on trumpet, all supported by the solid complicity of Manolo Cabras on double bass and Joao Lobo on drums.