Dino Rubino – Gesuè (Releaseday: 15.07.2022)

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Dino Rubino – Gesuè (Releaseday: 15.07.2022)

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Gesuè is the sixth chapter of Dino Rubino’s endless journey in search of the essence of music. Rubino is one of the most representative artists of the New Generation of Italian jazz players, and the album is coming on march 18th for Tǔk Music.
“This album and this project are dedicated to my father” says Rubino. “It hasn’t been something I planned, it just happened this way.
Usually after composing a track, I go to the studio, record it and then decide which title to give it, this time the contrary has happened.
I was at home and soon after finishing composing the track the thought of my father sprung to my mind. The feeling was so strong and sharp that I didn’t hesitate for a moment in choosing the title. Then I felt the need to create a whole project around this.
An unintentional tribute, but necessary for me, a heartfelt dedication to my father: Gesuè. “
After composing the music the Sicilian pianist and trumpeter has carefully picked the musicians to accompany him on this journey and in Marco Bardoscia on double bass, Piero Delle Monache on sax and Daniele di Bonaventura on bandoneon he found ideal partners in complete correspondence to the music.
The signature style that has defined Rubino’s music so far is a taste for crystal clear melodies and in the eleven original tracks of Gesuè these are folded by a delicate and moving lyricism which lifts the music to a new dimension.

Dino Rubino is one of the musicians involved in the panTǔk project, a synergy between management agency Pannonica and the Paolo Fresu’s label Tǔk Music who joined forces to enhance the growth and development of their own new talents. panTǔk is a branch of Pannonica created in order to develop and promote artists starting a virtuous circle that exploits the whole potential of record release and live activiy so that both can mutually benefit.

The album art is by Vincenzo Pattusi, designer born in Nuoro in 1978. He began drawing as self-taught, after which he first got a degree in Art History in Pisa and then a master in Keeping and restoring of cultural heritage. He started out as a street artist to move on to canvas and wall painting. His works have been in several exhibitions in Italy and abroad. His installation Faraway So Close is at the Olbia Costa Smeralda airport.


LABEL: www.tukmusic.com

ARTIST: www.dinorubino.com

COVER: www.facebook.com/nicola.nicotico





1 Pollara 05:09
2 Le piccole cose 03:27
3 Diego 05:01
4 Kaleidoscopic Moon 05:16
5 Far Away 05:29
6 Gesuè 06:13
7 Figarò 04:05
8 DR. Jekill and Mr. Hyde 05:52
9 Forever Ago 04:50
10 Mountain 04:41
11 Un giorno dopo l’altro 04:57