“The runway will be retained becoming the main road link for

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“The runway will be retained becoming the main road link for

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cheap jerseys There would be an educational centre based near transport links, residential areas set within parkland, including formal playing fields.”The runway will be retained becoming the main road link for the site, set within new parkland open for all to enjoy.”The ‘Leisure and Arts’ concept has a different focus. They said: “This design concept for the site takes a recreational/sport and arts focus inspired by Thanet’s growing reputation for all things creative.”Commercial and housing zones would be complemented with arts trails, a sculpture park with the site’s heritage preserved with parkland, as well as the existing museums.”There would be an emphasis on sports and recreation throughout the site, including cycling and walking routes. An open water leisure facility would also form part of this option.”Conservative MP for North Thanet Sir Roger Gale has long fought for the air hub, and has said: “Manston must be an airport cheap jerseys.