Gallaway added: “We know it’s going to happen

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Gallaway added: “We know it’s going to happen

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Red Bottom Shoes In both the search warrants, copies of which were filed in court, investigators said they were also seeking information including ” ‘quota’ information” or bonuses.At the Philadelphia office Thursday, in a converted factory along the 3500 block of Scotts Lane, plainclothes investigators and uniformed state troopers executed the warrant.FieldWorks employees on site declined to talk.Officials say it would be difficult for newly registered voters who used a false name, address, or driver’s license number to cast a fraudulent ballot in Pennsylvania, because such voters must provide identification that matches registration information at the polls.In the past, executives of FieldWorks have acknowledged that its business model means some of its canvassers will likely commit fraud.In 2012, Christopher Gallaway, one of the firm’s owners, testified before the board of elections for the Cincinnati area after his group flagged hundreds of possibly fraudulent registration applications.”As an entity that hires, you know, several thousand temporary hourly employees every year. We have come to realize that despite out best efforts to screen people. There are going to be. Employees that we hire who unfortunately try to lie to us, steal from us by getting paid for no work and commit fraud,” he said, according to a hearing transcript.Gallaway added: “We know it’s going to happen, we want to be the firm that fires them right away.”He said the firm attempts to check the background of its hires and equips them with a phone with a tracking device so the company can confirm they are working. Under the law, Gallaway testified, the firm is required to submit all forms. But Christian Louboutin Replica, he said, the group is careful to alert officials to any troubling ones.After a news conference Thursday in Media, Meehan, whose district includes Delaware County, said that while the alleged registration fraud by FieldWorks did not necessarily mean fraud on Nov Red Bottom Shoes.