Demian Dorelli – A romance of many dimensions (Releasedate:07.06.2024)

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Demian Dorelli – A romance of many dimensions (Releasedate:07.06.2024)

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Demian Dorelli – ” A romance of many dimensions”


Demian Dorelli, born and raised in London, is a pianist and composer who will release his third album on Ponderosa Records.

“Experiencing music is sometimes like experiencing another dimension, bringing a new space into existence that words may not do justice to explain. In this project I wanted to create a different dimension, a musical journey, by taking some of the themes & elements I enjoyed throughout Edwin A. Abbotts Novelle “Flatland” as starting point. Not so much in the technical detail, but instead to freely explore, through VII Parts, the emotive journey that the subtitle of the book evokes… “A romance of many dimensions”.

My first two studio albums were dedicated to my love of solo piano, and based around the idea of creating ‘songs’ for the piano. This project seemed like the right moment, not only to bring in new musical elements, with the addition of a Cello & French Horn, but also to explore a new compositional style, moving outside of thinking in a song format, to something that felt more like a fantasia, having a freer form and more improvisatory feel.” I want to do my best to introduce you to a different dimension to where you were a moment ago, just as Edwin A. Abbott did back in 1884 with his novella FLATLAND. Dedicated to a wonderful woman & wife, Rosina, for whom a small amount of knowledge is never enough. During a mind expanding trip, accompanying her on a business invitation to CERN in Switzerland, a fascinating place where they try to uncover what the universe is made of and how it works, she introduced me to a book I hadn’t heard of before. First published in 1884 & written ‘By A Square’, is the novella “Flatland” by Edwin A. Abbott, in which a SPHERE is a character representing a three-dimensional figure in a two dimensional world. His role is to teach the protagonist, the SQUARE, about the existence of higher dimensions and broaden his understanding of the world.

Imagine world or space that has only two dimensions to it. Not an easy thing to do, hard to visualize but it might exist! Then think of a being living within this two dimensional environment and how it would seem impossible for them to conceive a three dimensional space. It’s a fascinating idea that is captured by Edwin A. Abbott’s novella, ’Flatland’. Abbott, although using a more technical style of dialogue, answers many of the questions one might have but somehow creates a sense of romance from this idea of other dimensions. I love the idea of different dimensions other than the one we are familiar with. They definitely exist but are not so easy to visualize or explain. I envisioned this project as a nurturing antidote to the prevailing trend of short-form media saturating our lives. In a world that constantly urges us to consume bite-sized content and swiftly move on, I know that beneath the surface, our souls often crave a more profound and enriching experience. Together with my producer, Alberto Fabris, we dreamed up this new sound and journey that became ‘A Romance of Many Dimensions’. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do! “



1. Houses
2. Theory Of Three
3. Universal Colour Bill
4. Stranger From Spaceland
5. A Vision
6. The King’s Eyes
7. Thoughtland

Demian Dorelli: Piano
Caroline Dale: Cello
Elisa Giovangrandi: French Horn

Music inspired by Edwin A. Abbott’s book “FLATLAND” 1884
All track composed by Demian Dorelli
Arranged by Demian Dorelli & Alberto Fabris
Produced by Alberto Fabris Executive producer: Titti Santini
Recorded at “Real World Studios” Wiltshire (UK) by Tim Oliver
Recording assistant: Ben Koch
Mixed and Mastered at “Top Cat Studio” Wiltshire (UK) by Tim Oliver
Graphic designer: Andrea Rabuffetti Cover artwork by Franco Matticchio


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