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Later, Armstrong told The Dallas Morning News his apartment was “killer. S o o o nice”. He and Neal met every day, sometimes several times a day, for massages and meals. The course of doing my study of the veterans gravestones, I encountered a group of people that were volunteering years continuting a tradition its now in its 90th year actually, he said. 1926, as I understand it, when the Royal Canadian Legion was first established, a cemetary observation for Remembrance Day was the first kind of observation that they set up, and then later on in the 1920s and as cenotaphs were erected in the downtown areas in most communities the focus of remembracne day shifted there. Cenotaph commemorations are largely focused on those that fell overseas and buried overseas, and in our case we commemorating veterans that were fortunate enough to serve but came home and lived out their lives in the community service people that came home that either suffered from gas in the First World War or injuries that affected them for the remainder of their lives.

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