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0 beta 13 TCD Labs HD Tach v3

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Each card had an entire PCI X bus to itself Replica Handbags, so bandwidth sharing shouldn’t be an issue. A special thanks goes out to the Computer Repair Shop and KickAss Gear for kicking in the Western Digital Raptor WD360GD and WD740GD drives we used for testing. We used the following versions of our test applications: ZD Media Business Winstone 2004 1.0.1 ZD Media Content Creation Winstone 2004 1.0.1 Xmpeg 5.03 with DivX Video 5.11 ATTO ExpressPCI Utilities v163 Intel IOMeter v2004.07.30 Xbit Labs File Copy Test v1.0 beta 13 TCD Labs HD Tach v3.01 Far Cry v1.2 DOOM 3 The test systems’ Windows desktop was set at 1280×1024 in 32 bit color at a 75Hz screen refresh rate.

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