This is something people of all ages struggle with on a daily

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This is something people of all ages struggle with on a daily

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Have any of you ever thought about how we have to jump through hoops to undertake every day battles? The desire to belong is, I think cheap ray bans, one most of us have wanting to be recognized and accepted if not aggressively wanted and appreciated.This is something people of all ages struggle with on a daily basis. The hunger that many dwell on for acceptance causes a lot of teen agers and even adults to jump through hoops to be accepted.I have come to the conclusion that those who hold hoops are never going to be satisfied by how others jump through them. Many times people find themselves in a situation where the hoop jumping can drain the life out of them, and they want to go somewhere and crawl off somewhere else.I’m also aware that there are plenty of people who do not hold up hoops and stand around eagerly.

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