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This does not meet our standards, he tweeted

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Tickets are $150. For more information, call Dorothy at 610 277 1860 ext. 101. This does not meet our standards, he tweeted.they owe me and every other taxpayer is to simply do their jobs Replica Handbags, he said.Mische remains disgusted with this affair, recalling how he found more than a dozen syringes at the trash site along with a long knife. He had police remove the items.would not be an understatement to call it a hazardous waste site, he said.On Sunday he also came upon an open drain pipe that he thinks presents a hazard to kids, and he texted Mayor Chris Coleman and his City Council member, Chris Tolbert, about it.He never got a response. Last he checked on Monday, the pipe was still there, and the site remained an eyesore overall.Cervantes said state officials were slated to be on the site today to assess any further cleanup and fence repair.The Minnesota Department of Transportation had intended to handle the full cleanup by today, according to Coleman, but the volunteers beat the agency to the punch over the weekend.can all do better Replica Designer Handbags, the mayor said.The city hadn taken on the cleanup of its own volition because of jurisdictional issues Fake Bags, Cervantes added.want to be mindful of that, and if there a cost involved we don want to be setting any precedent since the responsibility for those areas lies with the state, he said.Cervantes said he had sent emails to the state, per standard procedure, and (had) expected that it would get taken care of.

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