The story today is that Trump Tower in Manhattan

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The story today is that Trump Tower in Manhattan

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A certain epidemiologist’s gleefully dire warnings about tomorrow’s pandemic make me nauseous with fear. I don’t listen to KQ anymore. You never know when “Dust in the Wind” might take its turn in the rotation.. The council has proposed a stifling tax on soft drinks and is toying with the idea of prohibiting sales of soda pop altogether.With each ban, prohibition and regulation, the left is killing freedom of choice, replacing it with the choices made by bureaucrats. If they can take away functional toilets, light bulbs, coffee cups and water, what can they do? Will soda pop speakeasies be far behind?INVEST IN THE FIGHT AGAINST MAINSTREAM MEDIA BIASPresidents change and lawmakers come and go, but The Washington Times is always here, and FREE online. Please support our efforts..

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