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The sometimes bespectacled

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The sometimes bespectacled, increasingly tattooed cook seems to be a barrel of ambition that can’t sit still. In a few short years, he’s worked briefly at Michael’s Genuine, Eating House, and the Vagabond. He pushed the pedal powered ice cream cart Sear’n Gears, hawking gourmet treats during Critical Mass bike rides.

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Silicone mould One McDonalds has recycling containers in all of the dining and kitchen areas. Other ways fast food restaurants are reducing pollution is by composting food waste, using biodegradable food service items, offering dine in customers reusable dishes, glasses and utensils, and using recycled paper items that contain post consumer waste. To obtain a certification from the Green Restaurant Association, the fast food restaurant must have a full scale recycling program in place and not use any Polystyrene foam aka Styrofoam Silicone mould.