Still, you get a useful hidden compartment under the false boot

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Still, you get a useful hidden compartment under the false boot

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Prada Replica Handbags There are plenty of soft touch materials, the switchgear operates with precision, the blue backlighting gives a classy feel at night and the high set driving position provides a commanding view. Entry models are sparsely equipped, but SE versions and above feature heated front and rear seats, dual zone climate control Cheap Prada, Bluetooth, automatic headlights and a leather steering wheel.Go for Premium and you’ll be treated to the brand’s upgraded navigation set up also, unsurprisingly, fitted to SE Nav which features an intuitive seven inch touchscreen and extremely clear sat nav mapping.Still, you get a useful hidden compartment under the false boot floor, plus a number of shopping bag hooks, a 12V power supply and a luggage net. Elsewhere in the cabin you’ll find plenty of storage for odds and ends, including large door bins, a deep cubby under the front centre armrest and an air conditioned glovebox. Prada Replica Handbags

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