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Pictured are mine workers Adam

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Pictured are mine workers Adam Powell and Darrin Francis, at the Springvale mine near Lithgow. Picture: Wolter PeetersMEREWETHER: Candice Sherriff from Merewether will represent Australia at the Mrs Galaxy finals in the US. Luke who are looking forward to visiting Disneyland while over in the US.

Just in the past couple of weeks, in an easy to overread but highly poetic coincidence, DeLay’s political action committee, Americans for a Republican Majority, told the Federal Election Commission that it had closed. Days later, a Democratic group called the Texas Values in Action Coalition (TEXVAC) founded by three gay Dallas liberals in 2005 staged a self congratulatory dinner in once solidly Republican north Dallas. At least 500 people attended, raising $200,000 for TEXVAC, which was instrumental in last fall’s Democratic victories.

Hoping for an early wrap and an adjournment for dinner, I asked when would be convenient for us to pop round. “Just after midnight” was the answer. Touring round south London in the bright orange London cab he uses as personal transportation and mobile constituency office, he was terribly difficult to pin down as to where precisely he’d be.

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Today I look at Grant’s fuzzy red hair, stroking it softly, and myriad feelings and questions assault my conscience. He is a demanding, aware baby; I have no doubt he will be an inquisitive, curious little boy. How will we respond when he someday asks about his grandfather? What will we say to give him just enough information, to be truthful, but not to scare him? What will we say to Grant as a 5 year old when he wants to know what September 11th is, and someday, what happened to Grandpa? I have to fight tears to even think of how we would respond when he might ask, “Mommy and Daddy, what are terrorists? Why did they hurt people and take Grandpa?”.