Mansour was one of the few survivors of the last group of the

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Mansour was one of the few survivors of the last group of the

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Mansour Daw stayed with the Libyan dictator until the very end Canada Goose Outlet, hurriedly leaving Bab al Azizia when the insurgents seized Tripoli, first rushing off toward Bani Walid, where Gaddafi said farewell to his gathered family before heading for Sirte in the west hiding there in ordinary houses that soon lacked all reserves, electricity, or food, and increasingly outnumbered by rebels until the ultimate attempt at flight was stopped outright at dawn by NATO firing. Mansour was one of the few survivors of the last group of the faithful. And together with Gaddafi’s son Saif al Islam, he was the most important of the prisoners captured by the new regime.

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