He said: “I had worked for Woolworths for 20 years but when I

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He said: “I had worked for Woolworths for 20 years but when I

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canada goose store Many of us still miss itvery much.”We got statutory redundancy but we had to go to the Job Centre, where most of us had never been before, and it was all very worrying.”I was lucky because I got a job fairly quickly at a supermarket. At the same time I was delighted when I got the telephone call to manage the new Alworths.”The post Woolies life of the former Witney store manager, Martin Street, took a different turn.He said: “I had worked for Woolworths for 20 years but when I was made redundant I took a conscious decision to quit retailing.”But I was lucky too, because my wife, Debbie canadagoosestorevip.com, a part time pharmacologist at the John Radcliffe, was able to go full time. That meant that I could study to become a plumber, partly at home andpartly by attending a college in Southampton.Mr Street, who has two children, Jamie, nine, and seven year old Ellen Cheap Canada Goose, said: “There were tell tale signs that things weren’t good lack of stock, reluctance to spend money, tumbling share price.But I am still astonished that it wasn’t saved.””But I have enjoyed being a part time house husband, seeing more of the children and being a part time student.”Nationwide https://www.canadagoosestorevip.com/, about 30,000 people lost their jobs when Woolworths collapsed canada goose store.