GMR officials confirmed the company has emerged L1 bidder for

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GMR officials confirmed the company has emerged L1 bidder for

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Cheap Prada In case of projects which are otherwise not viable, the NHAI offers up to 40% of the total project cost as viability gap funding.The second most preferred bidder for the Kishangarh Ahmedabad project was a consortium led by GVK Power Infrastructure Prada Outlet, which offered a premium of Rs516 crore. The gap between the prices quoted by the L1 (or the most preferred) and L2 bidders has been widening in recent months owing to increasing competition. Some peg the number of players bidding for such projects at 35 40.The largest project NHAI awarded before this one was the Rs3 Cheap Prada,600 crore Ahmedabad Vadodara section of National Highway 8.GMR officials confirmed the company has emerged L1 bidder for the project but wouldn comment till it received the letter of award (LoA) from NHAI.GMR has six operational highways and three under development. Cheap Prada

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