Cut on the fly with cronies and bandmates (including Lenny

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Cut on the fly with cronies and bandmates (including Lenny

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“It was really a great feeling learning new dance moves. We have a talent show coming up and I’m going to use some of these new moves I learned.”Cultural Awareness Days began in 2004, according to Cilla Dressen, a Spanish teacher at John Young.”Our goal was to supply presenters from varying cultures and to connect these presenters to our various academic disciplines,” she said “We are aware that stereotyping and ethnocentrism often stem from a lack of exposure to differing views or a fear of the unknown.”Speakers included Victoria Deneke from El Salvador; Maria Lopez from Mexico; Lawrence Itela and David Warui from Kenya; Anna Dwyer representing Uganda; Daniel Kaczorowski, Michael Laatz, and Lou Ciesielski representing Poland, and Lucas Miles representing St. Lucia.Melissa Culbertson from Fort Wayne, who is an international dance competitor, talked to the students about the origin of the ballroom dance the waltz (Austria) and the Latin dance the cha cha (Cuba).RhythmWorks concluded the two day event.”I really like having Cultural Awareness days,” said Marissa Wallace.

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