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Stefan Groß used to be best known for having been responsible for the widely-acclaimed work of the renowned Jazz and World Music company “intuition” between mid-1995 and late 2001. In May 2002 he has launched the music label and publicity-agency “Q-rious Music”.

That foundation was rooted in the firm conviction that a sense for exciting music, plus over a decade’s worth of experience are more than worthwhile assets even in times of industry-wide concern. To this day, Q-rious believes that there will always be people doing special music, and there will always be people who want to hear special music. To be a recommendable address for these two groups is one of the company’s primary goals.

Q-rious enjoys the confidence of clients from both the independent and major music realms (see references) as service provider in the following areas:

  • Promotion
  • print, radio, TV, online, bars
  • for single product/s or whole product line/s
  • for single concert/s or whole tour/s
  • special endeavours like bar-promotion
  • Marketing
  • support for your existing setup or
  • launch, re-launch, re-structuring
  • campaign development and /or coordination
  • Product management
  • for releases and / or related materials
  • development
  • design / coordination
  • translation/s
  • Administration
  • distribution coordination
  • for single product/s or whole product line/s
  • Publishing
  • coordination / collecting

In October 2006 Marcel Westphal, who is with Q-rious Music since November 2003, has become the new head of the publicity/ promotion-department .

What Q-rious can do for you

It is common knowledge that there are many labels and / or acts featuring repertoire well worth hearing, who nevertheless experience difficulties to penetrate the german market in a satisfactory manner. Here, Q-rious can offer valuable assistance ranging from help in selecting or changing distributors to coordinating or running complete marketing and publicity cam-paigns, be that for single products or whole lines, operating in the language of the market.

So, if you have any (combination) of the following items needing to be taken care of in Germany, we should talk.We hope that this introduction to our company and services inspired some q-riousity in you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss any questions you may have, or if you’re interested in employing our services. We’re confident that we’ll be able to work out a solution for your individual situation with you, fitting both your product and your budget, in order to get the post possible market access for your repertoire.

If you do special music, let us give it special service.