What Q-rious can do for you!

There are many labels and or acts featuring great repertoires who nevertheless have difficulty accessing the German markets. Here, Q-rious can help. We can offer valuable assistance ranging from advice about selecting or changing distributors to coordinating or running complete marketing and publicity campaigns for single products or whole lines.

If you make special music,
you need a special music company.

Promotion is a Q-rious speciality.

Our promotional arm focuses primarily on PRINT, SOCIAL MEDIA, RADIO and TV in the German-speaking worlds and we specialise in BAR-PROMOTION und MPN-DIGITAL MAIL PROMOTIONS. We can support you during album releases, tours or individual concerts and take care of your campaign development and coordination, launch, re-launch and reorganisation needs.

To find out more about our unique services, send an email to: team@qrious.de or call us on 0221/ 500 859 23. We speak your language.

Contact us to learn more about what we do and how we do it.

You're in good hands when you're in Q-rious hands

Q-rious Music is a long established and respected music management company. We focus on the artist’s creative and business development helping them realise their full potential, taking them to the next level and represent such as prominent artists as: Dominic Miller, Florian Weber and Jacob Karlzon.

To achieve this we provide a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Consulting
  • Networking
  • Administration
  • Legal advise & service
  • Distribution coordination
  • Label contact
  • Promotion
  • Booking
  • Negotiation
  • Financial services


Florian Weber


Jacob Karlzon


Dominic Miller

Better sales with a strong partner

We work closely with our distribution partner Edel (Hamburg/ Berlin) which allows us to distribute physical and digital products for individual artists and medium to small sized labels, if necessary with our full promotional services.

Our experience is there for you.

We specialise in the full 360 degree support, coordination and publication of your productions. This includes marketing campaigns, budget control, promotion coordination, communication and close sales cooperation.

We cover the following areas:

  • Product management for recordings and/or related materials
  • Project development
  • Design/coordination
  • Translations/en

If you are Q-rious about developing new business or have any existing business needs to be taken care of in Germany, we should talk. We’re confident that we’ll be able to provide bespoke solutions for both your products and your budget to get you the best possible market access for your repertoire.